What or who is Codex Regius?

So here we are. Codex Regius is the pseudonym and label alike of a pair of two authors who originate from Slove­nia and Germany, respectively. One of us is a university engineer of chemistry and, before we set up a freelance trans­lation business, has spent her time trying to convey the wonders of the Peri­odic Table to mostly unreceptive students. The other is a graduate of phys­ical engineering and former technical editor. We are both working from home, which the children find very convenient when they come from school. Ah, and are married to each other but still trying to find a common language.

"Codex Regius" is a Latin expression that means "The Royal Book". It is originally the name of a medieval manuscript . We had a customer once who asked us for a suggestion how to name a little publishing company he wanted to found. That's what we came up with. But then he turned very ill and had to give up his business, and his idea stayed unrealised. So, when we started to join the Indie book market - following some publications in the traditional book-publishing market -, the name was still hanging around and we applied it to us. The reason is that we both have surnames that would make your tongue twist into knots if you tried to pronounce them, so we had to find something catchier. 

We have a second pseudonym, Romanike, which we use to publish a series of historical novels set in the Roman Empire. See the golden links to "Corpus Sacrum" and "Opus Gemini" to the right of this blog!