Apollo 15 & The Fallen Astronaut

Dieses Panoramabild habe ich aus fünf Einzelaufnahmen der Apollo-15-Mission zusammengefügt. Es zeigt die endgültige Position des Rovers und dahinter, herausvergrößert, den "Fallen Astronaut", den James Irwin ohne Wissen der NASA hinter dem Rover ablegte, als wegen drohender Überhitzung die Fernsehkameras kurzzeitig abgeschaltet waren, um die bis dahin uns Leben gekommenen Astronauten und Kosmonauten zu würdigen.

Das Bild hat leider keinen Platz in unserem Buch "Die Vergessenen Astronauten", das Panorama ging aber in den zugehörigen Videofilm ein.

This panoramic stitch I have assembled from five individual photographs of the Apollo 15 mission. It shows the final position of the rover and behind it, enlarged, the "Fallen Astronaut", that James Irwin deposited behind the rover withhout NASA's awareness. Owing to the danger of overheating, the television cameras were briefly switched off then. The Fallen Astronaut commemorates astronauts and cosmonauts who had lost there lives before the moon landings.

Unfortunately, the image found no space in our book  "The Forgotten Astronauts", but it entered the accompanying video.


Dynasties of Middle-earth

Kings, lords and other noblemen
from the First to the Third Age

The first book published by Codex Regius this year is again an analysis of certain aspects of Middle-earth in J.R.R. Tolkien's novels. Due to the complexities of presentation, this volume is not available as an e-book but only on paper.

Which Ruling Steward of Gondor had two wives? Was Beren the One-handed an only child? How comes that Aragorn from 'The Lord of the Rings' has actually married his aunt? And were there any kings of Dale before Bard I?

"Dynasties of Middle-earth" expands on the tables, once published on Lalaith's Middle-earth Science Pages, that comprise the genealogies of the noble Mannish houses from the First to the Fourth Age of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. They are not found like that in the Appendices of 'The Lord of the Rings' or 'The Silmarillion' but spread over various sources which sometimes conflict with each other.

Available from Amazon and subsidiaries.
More essays on Middle-earth, not available in print, may be found on Lalaith's Middle-earth Science Pages.