The Forgotten Astronauts - Extended Edition

In the sands of the Moon, at a place called the Marsh of Decay, there lies an item which should not have been there. It is a tiny figurine, shaped to look like a man, and he is dead.  Behind him, a plaque is set in the soil, bearing fourteen names. Some are American, some Russian. This figurine was  called the Fallen Astronaut.  The crew of  Apollo 15 took it  there, without knowledge of their superiors, and they placed it at this site to commemorate  their  colleagues from two  countries  whom doom had struck before men landed on the Moon.

But there are more names than these, others which are not even mentioned on that plaque, and knowledge of their unhappy fates was lost. Who now remembers those failed spacefarers like Charles Bassett, Dr. Graveline, Dr. Lawrence or Edward Givens? These men are the Forgotten Astronauts, who were chosen to go to the moon, but history passed over them. Their fates tell darker chapters of the proud saga of the Apollo age that are now rarely recounted.

With many full-colour images.

Sample read availeble on
fifth edition June 2017.
170 pages, many full-colour illustrations.
  • ISBN-10: 1547184671
  • ISBN-13: 978-1547184675

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