Gondolin in Winter (Illustrations of Middle-earth; gouache painting)

My wife has found the painting that I was missing from my collection! This is Gondolin in winter, seen through Tuor's eyes against the rising sun at the last of the seven gates that lead to Tumladen.

The gouache painting is again in my "historizing" style of those years: Assuming that the cultural superiority of the Elves in Middle-earth is similar to that of  the Moors in medieval Europe, the architecture of Gondolin is - like that of my "Tuor in Vinyamar" painting - obviously inspired by the Alhambra in the Spanish city of Granada. The tilled fields are currently covered by snow, from which only barren trees rise along frozen ponds and water courses.

Only when the painting was hanging at the wall I noticed that the big tree looks from afar like a dark, knurly hand groping for the Elvish city.

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