Middle-earth seen by the barbarians, the full-colour extended edition, is forthcoming

This is one of the basic maps of Middle-earth that I have designed for the forthcoming full-colour collective edition of "Middle-earth seen by the barbarians", previously published in two volumes. We see an approximation of Middle-earth in the First Age of the Sun. Beleriand, to the North-west, has been attached to match the positions of the islands of Himling and Tol Fuin on the "first LotR map", published in HoMe. North of Anfauglith I have added the triple volcano of Thangorodrim as shown on Tolkien's "Beleriand map", also in HoMe. The range of the Iron Mountains in the far north is hypothetical, as is the coastline between the Taur-in-Duinath and Andrast and the riverbeds running to there.

Note that the Bay of Belfalas reaches farther inland than on the published LotR map. This deviation is based on a statement found in HoMe XII, "The Peoples of Middle-earth", according to which the port of Pelargir was only a few miles inland when it was founded in the late Second Age and the island of Tolfalas shrank much during the Downfall of Númenor.

The full-colour 186-pages edition of "Middle-earth seen by the barbarians" will be available in print from your local Amazon/Createspace supplier later this week. The content of the previous double volumes has been slightly updated and a previously unpublished Appendix attached that discusses some relevant elements of the draft map Tolkien supplied to Pauline Baynes in 1969 which was published by Blackwell's in October 2015.

A black-and-white edition of the same volume is currently under preparation.

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