50 years ago: Burial of deceased NASA astronaut Edward Givens

This is a press release issued by the Manned Spaceflight Center (now Johnson Space Center) announcing the burial of Edward Givens, of NASA astronaut group 3, 50 years ago on this day, on Friday, 09 June 1967. Ed had died in a crash with his private Volkswagen Beetle on 06 June while his two passengers in the car had survived. Excerpts of this press release are quoted in the forthcoming Extended Edition of our publication, "The Forgotten Astronauts".

We had intended to commemorate the anniversary of Givens' death with a free giveaway of the previous, concise kindle version of "The Forgotten Astronauts", but KDP's failure to remedy an indicated internal technical defect prevented the live book from showing on Amazon's websites. That's why we start the free giveaway today, from 09 to 13 June, after which this edition will be withdrawn and replaced by the Extended Edition.  

The free giveaway is available here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072MM67LW . If you are outside the US, replace the .com suffix with that of your local Amazon distributor.

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