50 years ago: NASA astronaut Edward Givens dies

50 years ago on this day - June 06, 1967 - NASA astronaut Edward Givens missed a sharp road bent and died in a car crash south of Houston.

Despite his contributions to the manned tests of the CMS-008 Apollo capsule and his assignment to the support crew of Apollo 7, the memory of this spacefarer is particularly hazy. Ed Givens is the only prematurely deceased NASA astronaut of the Apollo age whose name is still deliberately excluded from the Space Mirror Memorial, despite the fact that he has been listed on the Fallen Astronaut plaque placed on the moon by the crew of Apollo 15.
Givens is also the first member of NASA's corps who has been explicitly called "astronaut" on his gravestone.

In honour of this forgotten astronaut, we offer a free ebook file of the concise edition of our booklet "The Forgotten Astronauts", that tells the tales of all NASA spacefarers who failed to go to the moon, from today, June 06, 2017, till June 10, 2017. From June 15, this edition will be withdrawn and replaced by the new Extended Edition that has four times more text, more images and more quotations from contemporary sources. 

EDIT: Unfortunately, technical shortcomings at Amazon's has efficiently doublecrossed our intention to offer a free edition of the booklet. With a delay of four days - thank you, Jeff, for the incompetence of your staff! - we are finally able to provide the promised free kindle eBook from June 09 to June 13 at this link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072MM67LW. (Replace the .com suffix with your local variation of Amazon, if needed.)

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